Christian Boarding School for Teen Boys Who are Defiant or Struggling

If your teen is out of control, angry, defiant, failing in school, hanging around the wrong crowd, or has been experimenting with life-threatening substances, Agapé can help.  In fact, we are designed specifically to work with adolescent boys, age 12-17, who have gotten off track in life, or whose counselor or psychologist has diagnosed them with ADHDODDADDRAD.  Many of the boys in our care have anger or attachment issues which have surfaced in the teen years following an adoption, family split-up, or some other childhood trauma.  Others are just rebellious, negatively influenced by peers, or thrown off track by minor drug use. 

Agapé is the Greek word defined as God’s unconditional love for mankind. That is what Agapé Boarding School is all about! We are a non-profit Christian boarding school designed to show God’s love to teen boys who are struggling with behavior issues that can threaten their future. Agapé gives teens the opportunity to turn their life around by offering a fresh start, a quality education with fully accredited academics and college preparatory studies, as well as team and individual sports and vocational training. The boarding school campus is an amazing place with everything a boy would want, including: indoor and outdoor sports facilities, pool, horses to ride, climbing wall, a vast array of exotic animals, a rodeo facility, and so much more.  Our approach is disciplined, but loving, and our belief is that a truly changed heart comes from a personal relationship with God, so introducing faith to the boys in our care is our highest calling and privilege, yet it is not forced.

Compare Agapé Boarding School to therapeutic boarding schools or troubled teen programs and you will find that Agapé offers so much more, yet it is much lower cost. The Agapé program and campus is more advanced than most teen programs and the tuition is a fraction of that of wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. Agapé is the perfect atmosphere where teen boys who struggle with authority or who have been swayed into bad behavior by their peers can get their lives back on the right track. Agapé Christian Boarding School operates to help transform troubled boys into respectful young men with renewed relationships, a new purpose in life and begin a walk with Christ.

Christian Boarding School that Helps Turn Around Rebellious Boys

Agapé is a Christian Boarding School helps troubled teen boys learn Christian values and grow in their faith. Your teen will also have the opportunity to get back on track academically  If your son is out of control, failing school, rebellious, defiant, experimenting with alcohol or marijuana,  or if you feel you are losing your son to his peers, our boarding school staff will help get him back! Contrary to other Christian boarding schools, we only work with defiant and difficult boys, so we know how to handle them.  It’s  a safe, secure and affordable solution for your troubled boy.

Christian boarding school campus

If you have questions about our school for troubled teens, please call or fill in the online Inquiry Form. If your teen is unwilling to attend, safe means of transitioning him are available. To learn more and to begin the no-cost application to our school, please call (417) 276-7215 or Inquire Online today!