Year-Round Christian Boarding School for Teenage Boys Who are Defiant, Rebellious, or Struggling Academically

Year-Round Boarding School that Turns Around Difficult or Defiant Teenage Boys Who Are Failing in Life

If your boy, age 12-17, is out of control, angry, defiant, failing in school, hanging around the wrong crowd, or has been experimenting with life-threatening activities or substances, Agapé will turn around that behavior. We help adolescent boys who are defiant or have gotten off track in life, or have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, RAD or other behavioral issues.

Most parents choose Agapé because their boy is being rebellious against authority, has been expelled from a public or private school, or is being negatively influenced by peers.

This awesome ranch campus is an amazing place with everything a teenage boy would want, including: multiple sports facilities, a huge game room, pool, horses (including equine therapy), a vast array of exotic and farm animals, a rodeo facility, rock climbing wall, and so much more.  The approach here is very disciplined and structured, but loving, relational and caring. Our belief is that a truly changed heart ultimately comes from a personal relationship with God; so faith is instilled in the boys, but it is not forced.

An Affordable Program that Turns Around Rebellious Boys

If your son is out of control, was expelled or is failing in school, rebellious, defiant, experimenting with alcohol or drugs, or if you feel you are losing your son to his peers, we will help get him back on track! Contrary to typical boarding schools and military schools, we only work with boys who are struggling, so we strictly maintain discipline and security, while our staff show Christian love and care at all times. Agapé reinforces proper behavior, responsibility, and strong goals in life.

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Please call (417) 276-7215 or fill in the online Inquiry Form. There is also no cost to apply. If your teenage boy is unwilling to attend, safe means of transitioning him from home to our campus are available.

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