Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys — Please Take a Close Look at Agape

Agape has twenty five years of experience working with teen boys who are angry, defiant, rebellious, depressed, or struggling with a diagnosis like ADD, ADHD, ODD.

Agapé is a Christian, safe, secure, loving, clean, and disciplined environment that allows teens to get their life back on track. If your teen is out of control and you are at your whits end, Agapé Boarding School is the place from which you will get your teen boy back with different motivations and a healthy respect for self, for their future and for you.

This boarding school is secure, designed just for troubled boys, like:

• Boys who are unmotivated or depressed
• Boys who are emotionally and socially immature
• Boys failing their classes or skipping school
• Boys diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or
• Boys who have been experimenting with alcohol, drugs, or sex
• Boys addicted to video games, internet, or pornography
• Boys who have forsaken their faith and morals
• Boys who are constantly making bad choices
• Boys who are defiant and rebellious
• Boys looking for acceptance with the wrong crowd
• Boys who blame others for their actions
• Boys who are stealing, lying, or running away.

As you are looking for schools for troubled boys and if your teen boy fits this description, call us and speak to one of our admissions counselors immediately. If you would like us to contact you instead, fill in the online inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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Helping troubled boys spiritually, behaviorally, and academically

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