Looking for a Military Boarding School for Your At-Risk Boy In or Near Fort Wayne, Indiana? Agapé Boarding School May Be Your Most Cost-Effective Option.

Though not a military boarding school, Agapé Boarding School was designed to help struggling boys turn their lives around. Most military schools no longer accept at-risk teens. So, parents from Fort Wayne, Indiana and across the United States have chosen Agapé Boarding School for the past two decades. Agapé’s professional boarding school staff works closely with each and every individual boy to guide him to become a respectful, responsible young man. Families might consider several reasons to look further than Fort Wayne, Indiana and for another option than a military boarding school to help their son.

Agapé Boarding School is “a school with a heart” in the heart of the country, specifically designed for troubled, distracted, misbehaving or underachieving boys. It isn’t a military school, but it does teach discipline and helps turn around at-risk boys.

military schools In parallel with a great therapeutic program full of discipline, Agapé focuses on demonstrating and relying on the love of God to touch hearts and change lives. Agapé’s caring staff assists each young man on an individual basis to meet his needs academically, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Parents in Fort Wayne, Indiana have sent their sons to Agapé Boarding School for boys instead of military boarding schools and watched them achieve a new start and a promising future.

Agapé Boarding School supplies a superior residential program experience for teen boys from Fort Wayne, Indiana with a surprisingly reasonable tuition. Please look into it even if you are looking for military boarding schools.

Make a comparison of Agapé Boarding School to military boarding school programs for troubled boys, and you will recognize that we have an advanced program and appealing facilities at a lower rate. We excel at helping boys who lack motivation both at home and in class, those acting out in defiance or disregard for authority, and teens diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD or depression. Always giving a loving approach, Agapé offers counseling and character development as well as quality accredited education and competitive athletic programs and team sports.

Agapé’s beautiful campus and facilities are worthy of a closer look, even if it isn’t a military academy or boot camp.

Occupying 200 acres of ranch land in the nation’s heartland, we have large recreational facilities, athletic fields, and an amazing selection of exotic animals throughout the campus. Unlike military boarding schools, boys participate in a rich variety of activities and learning experiences while they stay fit have fun with their stay. The one-of-a-kind setting of this extraordinary campus and our low cost attracts families from Fort Wayne, Indiana and beyond.

Like many military schools, Agapé’s exceptional school helps struggling boys graduate and prepare for the future.

With an accredited educational program, boys work on their junior high and high school classes at their own pace, while also assisted by tutors and certified teachers. Plenty of individualized attention helps to ensure that boys at every ability succeed at their coursework. Most students see that they quickly compensate for lost time and gain new confidence in their academic abilities. Our college-prep program prepares boys for college entrance testing and applications. Boys complete Agapé ready for their entrance into the workplace or the college classroom.

While Agapé is not in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a brand new location far away from peers can offer your son a fresh perspective for a brand new start in life without the harshness of a military school setting.

Even if you are searching for military school options in Fort Wayne, Indiana, many boys admit that a move across the country was the best possible way for them to find a fresh start. With familiar friends and hangouts left far behind, old habits are more likely to fade away. A fresh location removes distractions for boys who want to reevaluate their choices. In addition, the rich outdoor surroundings as well as the rhythms of ranch life on our attractive Missouri facilities speak strongly into the hearts of teenage boys.

Agapé Boarding School serves struggling teenage boys from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and from other cities like Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, Kansas City, Los Angeles and San Diego in Southern California.

In the event we can’t meet your son’s needs or fit your budget, we can put you in touch with loan options or other schools near Fort Wayne, Indiana who can. No matter what, there’s no risk for looking into Agapé Boarding School for boys. We invite you to explore the rest of our website, and inquire online or phone us directly.

More about military boarding schools near Fort Wayne, Indiana:

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Excerpt about military boarding schools for boys near Fort Wayne, Indiana, used with permission from Wikipedia.

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“Military schools” definition: a school roughly based on military principles and drills, once popular because they promote structure and discipline. Military schools were a solution for many parents who want to instill their teenagers with sound principles during their adolescent years. However, most military schools now no longer accept boys with misbehavior, drug use, or other emotional or anger problems.