Agapé is an Effective and Affordable Program for Teenage Boys with Behavioral and Academic Struggles

Agapé offers a wide variety of opportunities. Many of these features are found in other programs, but you will not find the variety of opportunities on one campus like Agapé. We offer 24/7 supervision, accredited academics, counseling, mentoring, sports, and activities. Also, we are one of the lowest cost teen programs in our category. Agapé offers the same (if not better) quality than other therapeutic boarding schools, yet we are less than half the cost of other similar programs.


Boys Display Improved Behavior through a Personal Relationship with Christ

The entire Agapé program strives toward three main goals.

  1. Spiritual Growth – First, we help students to develop a personal relationship with Christ. Your son will participate daily in chapel services, prayer groups, and individual Bible reading. He will receive Biblically-based counseling and hear daily encouragement from mentors, all of which helps him to move closer to Christ.
  2. Behavioral Growth – Second, we help students to develop better behavior. Your son will learn many life skills and become a productive member of society. As his behaviors improve, he will begin to display character, discipline, and personal accountability, and he will rebuild broken relationships. We foster these changes through our structured environment, a level system for earning privileges and responsibilities, counseling and mentoring, and simple day to day events that become learning experiences. Above all, we emphasize that lasting behavioral change is through a transforming relationship with Christ.
  3. Academic Growth – Third, we provide fully accredited studies and individual instruction to help boys achieve academically. As students’ behavior improves, they often find new motivation in school. Your son will receive the credits needed to get back on track with his education or receive his diploma.


Agapé is a Professional Organization with Caring Staff, Well-Respected in the Community

Agapé employs caring staff who see their work with hurting teens as a ministry. Nearly all have attended at least one year of Bible College or Seminary, and many have Bachelor’s and even Master’s degrees in education or ministry-related topics. We work with boys from many different denominations and religions. We are not trying to indoctrinate but to help build a personal relationship with Christ. Education is important to us at Agapé, and we provide boys with a quality academic program. Our academy has received Model School Status for the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum from Lighthouse Christian Academy and is pending accreditation through Accreditation International. Agapé is also accredited by the Missouri Association of Christian Child Care Agencies. Agapé maintains an excellent relationship with the surrounding community. We are widely known for the help we provide throughout the community. We help run the annual festival in town, help area businesses with tasks, serve at community events and banquets, help the elderly, assist citizens moving in or out, participate in annual clean-up projects, and more. We also have an outstanding relationship with the local authorities, who tour our campus annually and help with any major incidents. Along with our policy of 24-hour supervision and keeping our campus secure, we believe this positive relationship promotes the safety of our students.

“A school with a heart, in the heart of Missouri”

Over the years, Agapé has helped thousands of teenage boys find new direction. If you are looking for help for your teen or would like more information, please fill in our inquiry form and one of our parent coaches will promptly contact you.