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Helping teens with drug abuse issues?

If you are looking for a boot camp, wilderness program, or boarding school for your teen struggling with drug abuse, Agapé Boarding School can help. Our boarding school accepts students from the western states such as Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, Indiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, as well as from the west coast states of Washington, Nevada, Oregon, and California. east coast states of Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, and Maryland. We also accept students from Canada. Many of our students come from TexasFloridaWashington, New York, and California.

Looking for programs that help teens with drug abuse problems?

If you are looking for a boarding school, boot camp, military school, or wilderness program for a teen who is struggling with drug abuse, Agapé Boarding School may be the right program. Drug abuse has become a major problem in today’s teens. The most common drug that teens are using is marijuana or prescription drugs.  Although Agapé Boarding School is not a program specifically for drug abuse, we are able to work with students with drug abuse issues such as marijuana, or prescription medication.  If your teen is struggling with drug abuse, call us to find out how we can help.

 Drug Abuse is the leading cause of at-risk behavior in today’s teens

Teens that are struggling with drug experimentation or drug abuse often find themselves struggling in life. Many families turn to counselors, therapist, psychologist, drug abuse programs, or drug rehabs. Unfortunately, many of these teens still struggle with drugs even after treatment.  The best option for a teen struggling with drug abuse is a therapeutic boarding school.  With a Christ-centered atmosphere, consistent supervision, counseling and mentoring we have seen many young men overcome their drug abuse issues.  

If your teen has been struggling with drug abuse, review Agapé Boarding School’s approach to drug abuse issues in teens.  We also offer:

  • Accredited academics
  • College Preparatory classes
  • One to one instruction
  • S.A.T. review course
  • Counseling (both group and individual)
  • Structured & discipline
  • Sports and activities
  • Experienced staff

If you would like to learn more about Agapé Boarding School and see if it is right for your teen, call or inquire for more information

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