Helping parents with teens looking for alternative education or an Alternative School

Agapé Boarding School for teen boys is an alternative boarding school located on a boys ranch that specializes in helping parents with teens that have behavioral problems or emotional problems, learning difficulties, or been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and are seeking alternative education or an alternative school.

Alternative schools are programs or institutions that offer alternative education that uses alternative methods that are not traditional education. Alternative schools like Agapé Boarding School, have the mission of helping teens who are unmotivated, unwilling, or lack the discipline to finish his education. Alternative schools offer special curriculum and a more flexible studies as an alternative education. If you are a parent that is looking for an alternative school or boarding school, Agapé is an alternative that can help!

Rebuilding Broken Relationships…An Alternative School Where Teens Grow Spiritually, Behaviorally, and Academically

Agapé is different than other Alternative Schools because we
also are a residential program and specialize in dealing with the behavioral problems and learning difficulties:

• Teens who are emotionally immature
• Teens who struggle with focusing
• Teens who struggle with learning
• Teens who are dealing with teen depression
• Teens who have abandoned their Christian faith
• Teen who are oppositional defiant
• Teens who blame others for their poor choices
• Teens who are stealing, lying, running away
• Teens looking in the wrong places for acceptance
• Teens influenced by their peers or a gang


If your teen fits this description, is failing in school, has behavior or emotional problems or is already in an alternative school, call us and speak to an admissions counselor immediately. If you would like an admissions counselor to contact you about our alternative school or alternative programs please fill in the inquiry form.

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Agapé Boarding school has over twenty years experience of working with families looking for alternative schools, therapy, alternative education or other teen program alternatives. If your teen is struggling at his current school and needs more structure and discipline, Agapé Boarding School is the alternative school you have been looking for.

At Agapé we also understand that Jesus is the best answer for a teenager’s heart and behavior to be changed. We are a Christian Alternative School. With a variety of vocational training, mentoring and other teaching tools, families have found alternative help getting their teenager back on the right track. Through prayer, daily chapel, and a personal relationship with Christ, struggling teens grow strong in hope and faith. Let your teen experience a future that is in alignment and harmony with God’s will, purpose and plan for their life.

Looking for Alternative Christian programs or schools for a troubled teen?

If your teen boy is spinning out of control, compare Agapé to therapeutic schools and you’ll find that the alternative program, facilities and low cost, make Agapé an affordable alternative school deserving serious consideration. We have open enrollment and enroll students from the east coast, west coast, central US, and the states of Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maryland, Texas, Colorado, Maine, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alaska, Wisconsin, Arizona, Indiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana, Oregon, and California. We also accept students from Hawaii and Canada. But most of our residents come from California, Texas, Washington, Florida, and New York.

Low Cost Christian boarding schools helping troubled teen boys for 20 years. Agape’s therapeutic residential alternative school helps rebellious boys who are defiant or out of control or boys with learning disabilities or are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), RAD, ODD, and IED. Compare our affordable alternative school and our alternative education to therapeutic programs and other residential schools. If you are a parent with a troubled teenage boy and are looking at alternative schools, alternative programs, residential schools, boot camps, troubled teen programs, therapeutic programs, wilderness programs, alternative education, or Christian boarding schools, call us to see how affordable and effective our low cost alternative can be. Low cost since much of our alternative program costs are kept low by donors.