Boot camps in Florida or boarding schools for troubled teens from Florida.

Looking for a boot camp in Florida or boot camps in FL for a troubled teen?

A Low Cost Boot Camp may not be the right fit for your struggling teen. For over 20 years our boarding school has been helping troubled teen boys with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), RAD, ODD, and IED. Compare our affordable boarding school to boot camps, therapeutic programs and other residential schools. Call us to see how affordable and effective our low cost boarding school can be a better fit compared to boot camps in Florida.

Boot Camp or Boarding School for a Florida Teen?

Are you looking at boot camps in Florida for your troubled teen? A boot camp in FL may not be the answer for your teen. Many parents have found that a boarding school with behavioral therapy and counseling will be a better fit for their troubled teen.
The aggressive approach may not be what an out of control, depressed, and failing teen may need. Boarding schools with a therapeutic emphasis offer a more realistic environment that helps teens with behavioral issues and prepare them for their future. Agapé accepts teens from Florida and has a complete academic program. Your teen will excel in education, complete his current grade, make up failed courses, or receive a high school diploma while receiving teen counseling behavioral help.

Agapé, unlike boot camps in Florida, also offers a
full academic program in addition to counseling.

• Accredited curriculumn through AdvancED
• One to one instruction
• College Prepratory studies
• S.A.T. Prepratory classes for Juniors & Seniors
• Ability to make up any failed courses
• Graduate High School early


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Our Christian boarding school is designed for unmotivated, defiant and rebellious teens that have the academic potential to be great students; however, they are not living up to that potential. Education is an important part of a teens adolescent years. Boot camps in Florida may teach discipline, but a well balanced boarding school teen program is the complete solution for your troubled teen. If your teen is in crisis or in need of immediate help, that help can be found at Agapé Boarding School through a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the answer for changing a teenager’s heart, behavior and future. Agapé is a program dedicated to getting your teen back. By encouraging spiritual growth, counseling and mentoring on teen issues and rebuilding broken relationships, Agapé Boarding School may be a better solution than a boot camp in FL for your struggling teen.

Low Cost Teen Program located on 200 acres in Southwest Missouri

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