Boarding School that Welcomes Boys with Conduct Disorder

conduct disorderWe can help your boy if he’s struggling because of Conduct Disorder, a condition of repeated and persistent violations of social norms and the rights of others.  Does he exhibit physical or verbal aggression, bullying people and pets, destructive behavior, deceitfulness, truancy, vandalism or thievery?  The term refers to the distinction between a boy’s “typical” acting out and major misbehavior.

If he doesn’t get help, your son might find himself in trouble with school or even legal authorities.  He might be held accountable for behavioral actions that he cannot control.

Treatment primarily centers on altering the behavior patterns that bolster bad behavior.  Unlike other disorders, Conduct Disorder therapy can typically include the parents as well as the boy.  There is no single acceptable resolution to Conduct Disorder, but many programs include training parents to more effectively discipline and reward good behavior in an attempt to shatter the cycle of bad actions leading to more bad actions.

Conduct Disorder is thought to be a possible precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Studies have indicated a preliminary link between different brain functions and lowered levels of compassion shown by those experiencing conduct disorders.

What Makes Agape Boarding School the Right Place for Your Son with Conduct Disorder

An affordable, fully accredited, high quality Christian boarding school for teen boys who are struggling, Agape Boarding School specializes in working with rebellious, angry, know-it-all young men who are out of control.  Has your son become lazy, with no accountability?  Found the wrong crowd or been swayed into misbehavior drug or alcohol usage

Our sprawling campus with first-class sports facilities and hundreds of animals is designed specifically for adolescent boys 12-17 who are taking the wrong track in life; Agape works just with defiant and difficult boys, especially with those suffering with Conduct Disorder, so we know how to handle your son.

Our approach at Agape is loving, but disciplined, with 24/7 watchful care over your troubled boy. Agape, Greek for “God’s unconditional love” – is what we’ll show your boy as he struggles with behavior problems that are threatening his future.  He’ll see God’s love daily, since spiritual growth leads to positive growth in every facet of life.

If you’ve tried short-term programs or hospital stays but to no lasting effect, and he refuses the idea of change, interventions away from home – such as a residential program like Agapé Boarding School — may be the answer for your boy.

If your son has been labeled a misfit or failure, we are here to offer a fresh start so that he may be productive in life, in whatever career path of his choosing, whether higher education, a trade or the military. Agape will give him the tools for a bright future, so he will be a productive member of society.