Looking for a Christian Boarding School for Your Boy in Stuart, Florida?

boarding schools for boysAs you seek out a Christian boarding school in Stuart, Florida for your teenage son, would you also consider a program in a different place that is affordable, and has helped struggling young men to change the course of their lives for the past 21 years?

Located in the center of the country, Agapé Boarding School accepts at-risk boys from all over America. We are also certified to enroll international students. A number of boys typically come to our Christian boarding school from California, Texas, New England, Illinois and Florida, and even Stuart, Florida.

Agapé is a Christian Boarding School that Welcomes and Works with Teenage Boys Who are Struggling with Behavioral Issues or Falling Grades

Most of the boys who attend Agapé are struggling with behavior issues such as defiance of authority, lying, lack of motivation in school, associating with the wrong peer group, anger, ADHD, trying out drugs or alcohol, or otherwise choosing the wrong road in life that could lead to serious problems if it were to continue.

An Affordable Alternative to Boarding Schools in Stuart, Florida

Even though our main focus is on dealing with behavioral issues and mentoring these boys, as a Christian boarding school, we also provide an accredited education, competitive sports and a range of daily activities — all at a very cost-effective price. Agapé helps teenage boys become respectful, disciplined and educated young men. Real change comes from our emphasis on the power of God to change lives. And our structured environment separate from their peers, helps the boys learn positive new patterns and habits for living.

Boys who come to the Agapé Christian boarding school have an opportunity to catch up and complete their high school education and prepare for college. Boys complete an accredited course of study to earn high school graduation. Boys also receive training in a variety of vocational skills at Agapé, including automotive repair, painting, electrical, tiling, laying carpet, cement work, construction, landscaping, welding, and more. Students are well-prepared for college or entry into initial jobs in the workforce, having acquired these skills, as well as the self-discipline that will serve them all their lives.

Residents also participate in daily activities and athletic programs. The campus boasts a full-size gymnasium and well-equipped indoor recreation center; baseball, football, and soccer fields and a volleyball court and boxing arena; a fishing pond and a small lake; horse barns and an outdoor riding arena; and an in-ground swimming pool, among other facilities. The land also is home to a plethora of exotic animals, from alpacas to zebras.

While not in Stuart, Florida, Agapé Christian Boarding School Enrolls and Helps Boys from Around the Country, Including Stuart, Florida.

Numerous teen boys from Florida have changed the course of their lives with the help of Agapé Boarding School and look forward to a bright future.

Please think about looking outside of Stuart, Florida to this successful and affordable Christian boarding school for boys with behavioral and academic difficulties.

To find out more, we invite you to investigate the rest of our website, then use our inquiry form or call us today to learn more.


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Stuart is the only incorporated city of Martin County, Florida, on Florida’s Treasure Coast. The population was 14,633 at the 2000 census. As of 2007, the population recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau is 15,964.
Stuart is the county seat of Martin CountyGR. It is part of the Port St. Lucie, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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