Christian boarding schools for troubled teens.

A home for boys, therapeutic boarding school and a Christian boarding school, Agapé Christian boarding school.

Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

You’ll be happily surprised how inexpensive Agapé is compared to therapeutic boarding schools, yet it is just as effective and especially strong in normal high school activities like academics, college prep, sports and recreation. Your teen will receive the opportunity to rebuild his life with a strong foundation. This foundation will include: a relationship with Christ, a quality education, a work ethic and work skills, and a respectful attitude.Though it must tear at your emotions, you know down deep that you must send you son away for a time if you are ever to realize the dreams you dearly hold for that boy.

Agapé is unlike most traditional Christian boarding schools in
that it also deals with behavioral problems like:

• Teens who are emotionally immature
• Teens who pay little attention to school work
• Teens who make poor choices
• Teens who are experimenting with sex, alcohol, and drugs
• Teens who have turned away from their Christian faith
• Teen who are rebelling against authority
• Teens who blame everyone else for their own poor choices
• Teens who are lying, stealing, running away



If your teen fits this description, call us and speak to one of our boarding school admissions counselors immediately. If you would like a boarding school admissions counselor to contact you please fill in the form.

Agape Boarding School for BoysAgape Boarding School for BoysAgape Boarding School for Boys


Christian boarding schools like Agapé are designed for troubled teens that have the academic potential to be great students. Yet, they are currently off track in life, lost, and wandering down a road that leads to destruction. Perhaps they are selfish, self-centered, and motivated only by having fun; and are in need of immediate infusion of God’s precious Spirit and a restored relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Agapé we believe that Jesus is the answer for changing a teenager’s heart and behavior. We offer a wide variety of teaching, mentoring and counseling tools to help teenagers get back on track. Through prayer, worship, and a renewed relationship with Christ, immature kids grow strong in faith, and hope for the future is revived. Let us show you a future for your child that is in alignment and harmony with God’s purpose and plan for their life.


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Agape Boarding School for Boys