Boarding School for Boys with Compulsive Personality Disorder

prayerWe can help your boy if he has Compulsive Personality Disorder, sometimes called Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, or OCPD.  This is characterized by a fixation with perfectionism and control, revealing itself in highly driven (often, first born) children.  Your son may find it very difficult to be decisive, and be oversensitive to criticism, struggle with flexibility or openness to try new situations, as he is compulsively striving for perfection in nearly everything he does.  He may show repetitive behaviors (as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder*) that are beyond his control to stop, have a preoccupation with minutiae and lists, and even be a workaholic.

He is likely to labor with his own expectations as well as perceived expectations of those around him.

Causes are believed to be an interlinking of environmental, genetic factors and unbalanced brain chemistry.

*Note: while sometimes used interchangeably, OCPD is not to be confused with OCD.  An OCD sufferer has unwanted thoughts, but an OCPD sufferer believes his thinking to be correct and natural.

Agape Boarding School – We Can Help Your Son With Compulsive Personality Disorder

There are not blood tests that can confirm your son’s diagnosis; a physician must determine whether his symptoms and life history meet the criteria.  His thinking may be so natural for him that he does not recognize this problem, possibly not even realizing it until his world falls apart.

Persistent group/individual and long-term psychotherapy can be highly effective in improving his environment; remember that he has not chosen to have these compulsive thoughts and so any judgment, real or perceived, only increases the stress he already deals with.  It is important to encourage him, to help him feel comfortable in new ways of thinking, and accept him, rather than judge him for compulsive behaviors.

Support groups are an excellent adjunct, as a means to gain emotional and social support from the community, assuring your boy’s continuing independence.

What Makes Agape Boarding School the Right Place for Your Son with Compulsive Personality Disorder

campus-picA very affordable, high quality Christian boarding school for young men in crisis, Agape Boarding Schoolspecializes in helping troubled boys who struggle with authority, are defiant and angry, unmotivated or withdrawn, been swayed into misbehavior or negatively influenced by their peers, or are experimenting with life-threatening substances,

Our fully accredited school with sprawling campus, first-class sports facilities and hundreds of
animals is designed especially for adolescent boys 12-17 who’ve gotten off track; we only work with difficult boys and so we have the experience to handle your son.

Agape is Greek for “God’s unconditional love” – and that’s what we’ll show to your boy who is dealing with behavior issues that can threaten his future.  At Agape, our approach is loving, but firm, with 24/7 watchful care – what most troubled boys need.  With God’s daily love, he’ll see his spiritual growth open the door to positive emotional growth.

If you’ve already tried short-term programs or other treatments but with no success and your son still refuses the idea of change, a residential program like Agapé Boarding School may be necessary.

If your son has been labeled a dropout or failure, we are here to transform him into a respectful and respectable young man with renewed relationships and a new purpose in life, prepared to lead a productive life in whatever career path he chooses. We will give him the work ethic and relational skills to get his life back on the right track and be a productive member of society.