Military School for Boys

Sending Your Son to Military School Too Soon Could Be a Disaster.  Even if Your Troubled Teen Wants to Go Into the Military, Be Sure His Behaviors are Under Control FIRST.

military school for boysAgape Boarding School is not a military school, but we do work with and turn around troubled boys.  While a military school may be an excellent choice for a teen that is interested in a military career, please keep this in mind: if your teen is defiant, rebellious, out of control, on probation, experimenting in drugs and alcohol or is diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ODD or teen depression, a military school can be the worst thing for him, even if he wants to go into the military.  In fact, he could be permanently prevented from going into the military if he shows up at a military school in this condition. He needs to get his behaviors under control first.

Although military schools offer strict discipline, counseling or substance abuse therapy may be needed to get your son back on the right track. If your teen is out of control and you are considering a military school, you might want to consider Agape as a first step.  Our tuition runs a little higher than some military schools, but it is significantly less than therapeutic boarding schools.  Agape costs roughly $100 per day, while therapeutic boarding schools and substance abuse rehabs can cost $300 or more per day.

Agape offers a academic support and can help your boy catch up and even get ahead in school. He can also retake classes he’s blown off in the past, to improve his grade point average. We also offer team sports and a pretty impressive campus.

Agape Puts Troubled Boys on a Better Path in Life

Agapé is unlike military schools because we deal with behavioral problems and emotional problems, like:

• Emotional immaturity
• Academic failure
• Making bad choices
• Experimenting with alcohol and drugs
• Defiant towards authority
• Blame shifting and poor family relations
• Running away, lying or stealing


If your teen is out of control, call us and speak to one of our boarding school admissions counselors to see if our program is a better fit then a military school. If you would like a boarding school admissions counselor to contact you please click the inquiry button below.

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Let Us Show You How Agape Can Help Your Troubled Boy Before You Consider Sending Him to a Military School!

If your teenage boy is spinning out of control, Agapé ‘s is an affordable boarding school for troubled boys that deserves serious consideration as a first step. Many of our students enter the military after leaving our program. We have open enrollment and students come from throughout the nation.

Agape has been helping troubled teen boys for over 20 years. We are a secure and loving facility and program that turn around boys who are defiant or out of control, or boys with learning disabilities, substance abuse, or are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), RAD, ODD, and IED.

Call us to see how affordable and effective our boarding school can be for boys who are rebelling and defiant.

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