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Are You Wanting a Boot Camp for Your Troubled Boy In or Near North Carolina? Agape May Be Your Most Cost-Effective Option to Accomplish the Same Thing, though it is Not a Boot Camp.

Agape is a highly structured and secure boarding school designed to help at-risk teen boys turn their lives around. Most boot camps are harsh and don’t have a therapeutic element to their program. So, parents from the state of North Carolina and throughout America have trusted Agape for over two decades. Agape’s professional staff and counselors work closely with each and every individual boy to steer him to become a respectful, responsible young man. Parents in North Carolina have looked to Agape for a more loving and nurturing alternative to a boot camp to help their son.

Agape is “a school with a heart” in the heart of the country, specifically designed for troubled, distracted, misbehaving or underachieving boys. It teaches discipline and responsibility and helps turn around at-risk boys more effectively and permanently than boot camps can.

Agape Boarding School for Boys On top of a great therapeutic program full of discipline, Agape focuses on demonstrating and relying on the power of God to touch hearts and transform lives. Agape’s caring staff helps each young man on an individual basis to fulfill his needs academically, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Parents in North Carolina have sent their sons to the Agape boarding school and watched them gain a new start along with a future full of hope.

Make a comparison of Agape to boot camps for troubled teen boys, and you will notice that we have an advanced program and outstanding facilities at a much reduced rate. We excel at helping boys who lack motivation both at home and in class, those struggling with defiance or disregard for authority, and teenagers diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD or depression. Always employing a loving approach, Agape provides counseling and character development as well as quality accredited education and competitive athletic programs and team sports.

Agape’s beautiful campus and proven methods are worthy of a closer look. Agape Boarding School supplies a superior residential program experience for teen boys from North Carolina with a surprisingly affordable price. Please look into it even if you are looking for a boot camp or a program than may be closer to North Carolina.

Occupying 200 acres of ranch land in the nation’s heartland, we have large recreational facilities, athletic fields, and an amazing variety of exotic animals throughout the campus. Unlike boot camps, boys participate in a rich variety of activities and learning experiences while they stay in shape have fun with their stay. The setting of this extraordinary campus and our low cost draws families from North Carolina and beyond.

Agape’s quality school helps troubled boys graduate and get ready for the future.

Through our accredited educational program, boys focus on their junior high and high school classes at their own speed, while also assisted by tutors and certified teachers. Lots of individualized attention helps to ensure that boys at every capability succeed at their coursework. Most students discover that they quickly make up for lost time and gain new confidence in their academic abilities. Our college-prep program prepares boys for college entrance testing and applications. Boys complete Agape ready for their entrance into the workplace or going to the college classroom.

While Agape is not in North Carolina, a fresh location far away from his peers and other influences can offer your son a fresh perspective and a new start in life.

Even though you are looking for boot camps in North Carolina, many boys find that a move to somewhere entirely new was the perfect way to allow them to get a new beginning. With familiar friends and hangouts left far behind, old habits are more likely to be replaced with better ones. A new location removes distractions for boys who want to reevaluate their choices. Additionally, the beautiful outdoor surroundings along with the rhythms of ranch life on our attractive Missouri campus speak strongly into the hearts of teenage boys.

Agape Boarding School is better than boot camps for helping troubled teenage boys.

If we can’t meet your son’s needs or suit your budget, we can provide you with info about loan options or boot camps near North Carolina that do. Either way, there is no risk for looking into Agape. We invite you to read the remainder of our website, and inquire online or call us directly.

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“Boot camp” definition: A correctional facility that uses the training techniques applied to military recruits to teach usually youthful offenders socially acceptable patterns of behavior. Most boot camp programs produce temporary results and not a long-term change in behavior or thinking.

Should you need help finding boys homes, or ranches for troubled boys, or therapeutic schools for boys, let us know because we can help.

Low Cost Christian boarding schools helping troubled teen boys for 20 years. Agape's therapeutic residential school and academy helps rebellious boys who are defiant or out of control, or boys with learning disabilities or are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), RAD, ODD, and IED. Compare our affordable boarding school to other therapeutic schools. If you are a parent with a troubled teenage boy and are looking for a caring but disciplined residential school, see how affordable our school can be.

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Boot camps for struggling boys who live in or near the state of North Carolina and help finding the best boot camps outside of North Carolina.