Are You Trying to Find an Affordable Year-Round Boys Ranch that Enrolls At-Risk Boys from New Jersey?

boys ranchWhile you search for a boys ranch near New Jersey, would you also take a minute to check out an affordable residential program and boys ranch centrally located in Missouri? Agapé Boarding School accepts at-risk boys from all over America and is certified to enroll students from other countries.

Agapé is a Ranch for Boys that Welcomes and Works with Teenage Boys with Behavioral, Motivational or Achievement Issues

Many of the boys who come to Agapé are displaying behavior issues , for instance, rebelliousness, lying, lack of motivation in school, associating with the wrong crowd, anger, ADHD, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, or otherwise following the wrong road in life that could lead to serious problems if it were to continue.

Inexpensive Boys Ranch Which Also Includes Therapeutic Counsel, Team and Individual Sports, Trades Training, and So Much More!

boys ranch footballEven though our main focus is on turning around misbehavior, Agapé also provides a first-class accredited education, competitive team sports, and 24/7 supervision. There are an array of daily activities that are meaningful and improve self-discipline and esteem. Agapé helps at-risk boys become respectful, disciplined and educated young men. The structured and encouraging environment, away from your boy’s peers, helps them learn positive new habits for living.

Young men who attend Agapé are given an opportunity to catch up academically and finish their high school coursework, as well to prepare for a trade. Our credits are transferable back to your local school and are recognized by colleges and universities. Unlike most boys ranches, Agapé also provides for a variety of vocational skills, including trades like automotive repair, painting, electrical work, masonry, construction, landscaping, welding, horsemanship, animal husbandry, and more. Residents are well-prepared for college or success in initial jobs in the workforce, having gained trades skills, as well as learning the self-discipline that will help them for the rest of their lives.

ranch for boys

Young men in our school also participate in athletic programs and outdoor recreation. The large campus includes a full-size gymnasium and well-equipped indoor recreation center; baseball, football, soccer fields, volleyball court and boxing arena. Plus, we have a small lake; horse barns and a professional rodeo arena, an outdoor riding arena, an in-ground swimming pool, and so much more. The ranch also is home to an abundance of exotic animals, from Alpacas to Zebras.

Though Away from New Jersey, Agapé Helps Young Men from Around the America, Including Teens in New Jersey.

Many boys from around New Jersey have changed the course of their lives with the support of the Agapé Boarding School. So, please think about looking beyond New Jersey to learn more about this highly successful and affordable boys ranch specifically designed for troubled boys.

We invite you to explore the rest of our website, then fill out our inquiry form or phone us to learn more.

A vast majority of the parents who visit our boys ranch campus decide to send their teenage boy to Agapé. We welcome your visit so you can see first-hand how excellent this boys ranch is. Call us and we’ll set up a tour. Enrollment is year-round, with placement as quickly as 24 hours, and professional transport assistance can be arranged.