Agape is Program and School that Helps Teen Boys with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Reactive Attachment Disorder is defined as children or teens that presumed to have grossly disturbed internal working models of relationships which may lead to interpersonal and behavioral difficulties in later life. A therapeutic boarding school is a great solution for teens with Reactive Attachment Disorder when counseling and out-patient therapy have been ineffective. Many parents are concerned about “sending their teen away” when they are diagnosed with RAD, concerned that he will feel “abandoned” once again, but sometimes the behaviors he is exhibiting are so severe that something must be done. At Agape, through structure, constant supervision, discipline, vocational training, mentoring, a teen diagnosed with RAD can find victory and success. If you are having trouble with your teen and he has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder and counseling/therapy has been ineffective, you should get help now!

Has your teen been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)? Agape can help. Agapé Boarding School’s therapeutic program includes:

  • Structured environment
  • Individual & group counseling
  • Individual & group mentoring
  • Accredited academics
  • Ability to make up failed courses
  • College Prep studies
  • S.A.T. Prep classes
  • Graduate early

Agapé is the Greek word defined as God’s unconditional love for mankind. That is what Agapé Boarding School is all about! We are a non-profit Christian boarding school designed to show God’s love to teen boys who are struggling with behavior issues that can threaten their future. Agapé gives teens the opportunity to turn their life around by offering a fresh start, a quality education with fully accredited academics and college preparatory studies, as well as team and individual sports and vocational training. The boarding school campus is an amazing place with everything a boy would want, including: indoor and outdoor sports facilities, pool, horses to ride, climbing wall, a vast array of exotic animals, a rodeo facility, and so much more. Our approach is disciplined, but loving, and our belief is that a truly changed heart comes from a personal relationship with God, so introducing faith to the boys in our care is our highest calling and privilege, yet it is not forced.

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