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Agapé Christian boarding school testimonials from parents, friends, and graduates – help for troubled teenagers and military schools.
Agapé Christian boarding school testimonials from parents, friends, and graduates – help for troubled teenagers and military schools.
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Testimonials from Parents and Students


Parent Testimonials 

(Parent references are available upon request)

“This will be a very difficult decision to follow through with. Leaving your son with the staff at Agapé Boarding School will test your faith. What helped us in this deciding on Agapé was to take a tour before we made the final decision. I talked with the staff multiple times on the telephone and each time they answered my questions in a God honoring manner. When we took the tour, the two things that solidified the decision to send our son here was when we walked into the Sanctuary I felt the Holy Spirit give me a peace about Agapé, and the other was the words that were spoken to me on the tour. I asked what the success rate was at Agapé, and the answer was when a person gets their life right with God (spiritual) then the physical and mental sides will fall into place.” -Troy (Parent)

“Our son has been at Agapé for 4 months now. I`ve just visited him, and am very pleased with his progress and attitude.He is a different person already, but I realize he will need more time to complete his journey to a happier and healthier place.Thanks to everyone at Agapé!”  — Viv (Parent)

“My son is making great progress at Agapé. You can pay more, but you will not find greater love and commitment from the staff of anywhere else. God’s love and grace are evident in the life of the staffs and my son. From our family to yours….Thank you! Keep up the good work.” — Josep (Parent)

“Our son was at Agapé for one year. He certainly appreciated it even though he didn’t like it. He came to respect & love the staff. We have the utmost appreciation & respect for the staff in what they have to go through & deal with. They truly love these kids with an Agapé love. Your son will come home a different person than he was when he arrived. Of course, it’s ultimately his choice. Thank you Agapé!” — Chris H. (Parent)

“The peace of mind that that we have found with Agapé that comes from knowing our son is being cared for and is making progress in school is irreplaceable.  Our whole family is better off.  His mother and I can sleep soundly, knowing our son is safe. We are sure our son is at the right school. The staff are working hard every day to help these young men get their lives on track.” -Brent (Parent)

“Agapé was the changing point in his life. We are so glad to have our son back not the scary young man who was here before. He is getting good grades in school. Keeping a job and becoming a leader at school. He attributes his change of heart and mind to the training he received while at Agapé. Keep up the good work and we will continue to pray for your efforts.” -Edie (Former Parent)

“Coming to the realization that in order to save my young son’s life, I needed to send him away, was the most difficult and painful decision I have ever made. After researching everything from hospitals to military schools, I finally called Agapé and truly felt a sense of peace and resolve that Agapé was our answer. My first thought in the morning and last thought at night is of my son, and though my heart aches that I can’t see and speak with him every day, I am comforted by knowing he is safe. He is learning to respect others, himself and growing in Christ. He is finally succeeding as a student and been awarded opportunities because he has been able to earn trust. Agapé’s campus is first rate and the staff truly love and are committed to the success of the boys in their care.” -Laura (Parent)

“Agapé has been a great decision for our son. At home he was angry, suicidal, doing drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd, cutting himself. At Agapé he has gotten saved, baptized, learned the Bible, finished high school, matured, and faced problems that we couldn’t get him to face. Agapé saved his life. -Marla (Parent)

I went to Agapé the summer of ’05. My life at that moment wasn’t God honoring and I never truly understood what it meant to be a Christian. After being at the school for little over a month I noticed some things about these people that caught me a little off guard. They always were ready to help you and brought God into many of their conversations. While sitting in one of the church services Wednesday night in August, I realized what was wrong with me, I was lost and on my way hell. That night I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and He has changed my life completely from that point forward. The staff and program are great and have a heart for helping troubled and weary sons. Agapé Boarding School has taught me some valuable lessons of character and hard work. In the next two weeks I will be graduating my church’s 3 year Bible Institute and then have plans to attend Champion Baptist College in the fall of 2011.” -Phillip (Former Student)

“One of the places I love to travel to and be a part of the ministry is at the Agapé Baptist Church and boarding school. It is literally changing lives and is a great place to be. I heartily recommend it to any parent who has a boy that needs help.” -Dr. Gary L. Mann (Evangelist)

“I truly believe in Agapé and would like to share it with other parents who are in a difficult dark part of their lives our children are our world and it is heartbreaking to see your son destroy himself and the whole family!” -Isela (Parent)

“The deepest pain as a parent is dealing with a wayward child. Agapé has been used by the Lord to make this reality much less painful in our lives. In the midst of the hurt and pain in our son’s life, Agapé has been Jesus’ hands and feet, showing unconditional love to our son. -Dave and Sarah (Parents)

“The main thing I can say about Agapé is that it helped me put my life in perspective. People cared, and I have more good memories there then I do in my life now. I can say I loved each and every person there.” -Former Student

“I was a student at Agapé` and I’m glad I was. The staff truly cared about and loved us and wanted the best for us. They would give the shirt off their backs for you, if needed, to see you succeed in life. The facility was first class and things were always being added to it to make it even better. The school curriculum far passes the public education I was receiving and for that I’m truly thankful. I am currently working as an Emergency Medical Technician. Thank you Agapé` for giving my life back to me.” –Former Student

“About 1 1/2 yrs. ago,we, as parents were in the position of desperately searching for the right place for our 13 y.o. son. I know what to look for in a school, through the MANY hours of “Googling”, searching, calling, reviewing. Nothing compares to the whole package we have found in Agapé. Firstly, and most importantly it is Christian-founded. You absolutely cannot find a better place. They have the crucial balance between an extremely structured environment, and the fact that they absolutely love these boys, and their desire is for the boys to take responsibility for their own choices, stop blaming everyone else for their problems, and learn to truly live an abundant life that God wants to bless them with. The food is all home cooking, and out of this world. The facilities are immaculate. The boys work hard, eat well, are cared for as sons. Tuition is well below average.” –Parent of Former Student

“Look as long and hard as you want, but you won’t find a better all boys school that promotes Christian morals for your son. My son has completed 2 years at Agapé and I couldn’t be prouder of his achievements and growth. Over the past year I had been hunting for another school like Agapé, but closer to our home. I read the reviews, done site surveys, etc., and come up empty handed. At Agapé, my son is able to participate in rodeos, fishing, civic projects, choir, basketball & wrestling. He’s learning trades like sheet rocking, landscaping and caring for farm animals. Before I could tell him I wasn’t able to find another school closer, he sent me a letter asking if he could finish High School with the great staff at Agapé. He even thinks he might want to work there some day!” -Parent of Former Student

“I made the difficult decision at Christmas time to send my son, and remember thinking, “God gave His only son and never got Him back alive, how blessed I am that I WILL get mine back better than when I handed him over” and had no idea how far Agapé would bring him along. The boys there at Agapé all smile and appear happy and content, are fed well, are healthy are excelling and are truly loved by staff as if they were their own sons. I would do it again.” –Parent of Former Student

“Agapé has saved the life of my son as well as the rest of the family. My son was adopted at age 7 from a third world country. He had spent his entire life in a bad orphanage. Upon arrival, his behavior was utterly out-of-control — though family, teachers and professionals were doing all they could to get him help. After 3 and a half horrible years, I enrolled him in Agapé. One year later, he is much improved. He’s not perfect, but he has calmed down and started to learn. If he hadn’t gone to Agapé, there is no doubt in my mind that he would already, at age 12, have a criminal record.” –Parent of Former Student

“Agapé helped us with an out-of-control son; we had nowhere else to turn. Agapé’s prices are better than many other so-called teen boarding programs. Our son is a better person today because of Agapé. He never would have graduated from school, and possibly wouldn’t have ever become a Christian without his time there.” -Parent of Former Student

“I enrolled my brilliant but unchallenged 15 year old son at Agapé Boarding school in the fall of 2004. His grades had been slipping; he wasn’t a bad kid but starting to get into the wrong crowd and not try to succeed in school. After 4 months at Agapé he became a disciplined achiever. The academics were superior to the private school education he had been in for the previous 4 years. In fact, he was offered a United States Air Force Academy scholarship due to his academic, leadership & sports achievements at Agapé Boarding School! I would recommend it for every teenage young man. They do not have to be a juvenile deliquent — our child was not. It is for those parents who want a superior education and military-style disciplined life for future success for their son.” –Parent of Former Student

“I was not a kid into drugs or anything, I was just plain rebellious. Agapé broke it out of me and I thank God He intervened and allowed me to change. The education is tremendous and the biblical beliefs are great. I love Agapé and thank the Lord for a place like it. It taught me respect for myself and others, to work and not quit when times get tough. If you are a parent with a kid that is like me,( I was 12 ) and you care about how he turns out send him here…only God can work miracles….he did one in me. Thank you Agapé!” -Former Student

“I was the typical ‘know it all, you can’t tell me anything’ boy was I wrong! I went to the school when I was 15. After I graduated I stayed on for a year to help out as best I can. The school taught me a lot about myself, and a lot about God, and about responsibility. I genuinely think that if I did not go to Agapé, I would not be here today. Right now I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. My advice to any parents thinking of sending their child to this school, do it before it is too late. –Former Student

We had two problem sons, both adopted from bad home backgrounds and who had serious issues. Agapé was exactly what they needed and the school did wonders for them. It is a wonderful place that teaches respect, Biblical knowledge and principles and where they genuinely love the boys. They also teach work and taking responsibility for one’s actions and isolate the boys from an evil society, while giving them the chance to heal and build self esteem. Our only regret was that we didn’t send them to the school earlier — we kept thinking we could ‘figure it out’.” –Parent of Former Students

“My grandson entered Agapé under duress at age 14, a know it all who wouldn’t go to school. The staff at this school turned him around, in effect, replacing his missing father. He graduated as valedictorian this year. I can’t say enough about how this school helped him. He has stayed over at this school another year to help other boys and to get ready for college and because he now thinks of this school as home compared with living in his previous situation.” –Parent of Former Student

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Agapé Christian boarding school testimonials from parents, friends, and graduates